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What is the Sustainable Spa Program?

Here at Pure we are a Green Circle certified Spa. We add a small fee called our “Sustainable Spa Fee” to help our Spa with costs that allow us to recycle 95% of all our waste.  The beauty industry sends 877 pounds of waste to the landfill every single minute and we hope to make a change with that statistic. Spa waste - gloves, bed sheets, wax sticks, lash products, paper towel, tissues, soft plastics and foils/metals, nail files and buffers, even our polish bottles are all things we are able to recycle thanks to the help of Green Circle. That's not all! Thanks to our partnership with Green Circle, when you visit, your service will also be carbon neutral as our waste is converted into clean energy!

If you have any more questions about Green Circle, feel free to call us at the Spa or visit for more details. Thank you for helping us protect our planet ♻️

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